5 Ways to Choose a Designer Handbag Being Sold Via Auction

Finding a good designer handbag is easy, the hard part is choosing just one. Handbags that are being sold via auction can be brand new, used and sometimes you will find a knock off. Before you hand over your cash you need to think about a few things before you go ahead and bid on a handbag or buy it right away.

1. The Seller:

You should always check out the sellers reputation before you buy stuff off the internet. If they have sold at least 15 items I would go ahead and bid on their listing if they have not sold any items I would not place a bid. Also be sure to check out comments left by other people who have brought from this person.

2. View Before You Buy!

If you can, you should see if you can view the item before you purchase it.

3. Searching for the Handbag:

There are many places online that offer designer label auctions. eBay is the first place I look and then I do a search in the search engine. I would type “designer purse auctions” or “designer handbag auctions” you will see a lot of sites pop up. Once you’ve looked through a site find someone who is selling handbags in your local area.

4. Images:

I do not recommend you bid on items being sold via auction that do not have attached images. Also do not just purchase a product based on the images.

5. Online Handbag Stores:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at online handbag auction websites, try an online handbag store.


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